Teen Summit

Teen Summit is a non-profit organization established in 2007 with the purpose to Rebuild, Restore and Repair the lives of teens and Young Adults facing life challenges, and to provide the life management skills that so many of the young people lack. We are continuously developing seminars/workshops to prepare youth for leadership, sound decision making, goal setting, etc. The vision is to mobilize an army of people committed to stop the perpetual destructive behavior of teens and young adults. The results will be an emerging generation of leaders prepared for positive global impact on Education, Responsibility, Discipline, Order and Respect.


Our mission is to reach our youth through positive events and activities as well as build lasting relationships with them that will strengthen our community and future generations. The Greatest Love of all is creating a Righteous World so that our children can have a future.


Our vision is to mobilize an army of people committed to stop the perpetual destructive behavior of teens and young adults by creating an innovative Mentoring Academy that will be available to guide and support them during their most critical development time. The Academy will provide a series of programs that are designed to assist them in understanding how to achieve success and take advantage of their many talents in various fields of endeavors.  The results will be an emerging generation of leaders prepared for positive global impact in Education, Entertainment, and Entrepreneurism.

FAQ's About Shelby, NC

The Teen Summit – Shelby, NC

  • 70% of African-American Homes are led by a single parent… 
  • Almost 75% of American children living in single parent households will experience poverty before they turn 11 years old.  Only 20% of children in two-parent families will do the same… 
  • Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school… 
  • One in 4 sexually active teens has a sexually transmitted disease and 70% have no symptoms…
  • The leading cause of death among African-American Women between the ages of 24-34 is HIV/AIDS… 
  • 58% of black women and half of all Latina women become pregnant at least once before the age of 20… 
  • 25 percent of all students; nearly 40 percent of black and Hispanic kids fail to graduate on time
  • 1 in 3 students (in North Carolina) does not graduate High School


October of 2007 sparked a new event in Cleveland County, North Carolina inspired by a home-grown native who left the area to achieve international acclaim but whose heart has always been connected to the generations behind her.  This annual event simply entitled, “Teen Summit”, was designed to give teens and young adults exposure beyond their existing environment.  Each summit had special celebrity guests, dynamic musical performances, and engaging dialogue hosted by former BET Host Gerard Henry The ultimate objective was to inspire them to pursue their dreams and walk in their God-given destiny like their very own native, Patricia Houston.

In 2007 the journey began with a special theme and emphasis each subsequent year:

The inaugural year emphasized inspiring not only teens and young adults, but Community Leaders and Pastors to begin looking at life differently.  For many, the new paradigm meant not settling for mediocrity or limitations to who they were or what they could become.
This year emphasized connecting with the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream for excellence and equality for every American.  Building on the cusp of the first African-American President elected, youth and young adults were motivated with the “Yes We Can” mindset.
Consistent with the themes of the previous years, this summit was highly motivational in it’s orientation.  While the message needs no explanation, the objective was to push individuals into practical application of pursuing their dreams.
In 2010, the theme actually had a deeper meaning than the obvious.  Home spoke to not only the familiar settings of individuals that brought them comfort, but also a spiritual significance.  “Home” was to reflect an individual’s origin in God which spoke to their personal value and identity beyond their gender, race, or economic status.
In 2011, where Whitney Houston was among the special guests, the theme focused on self-evaluation and preparation to pursue mentoring or become a mentor.  This summit was a culmination of the previous years preparing for the next phase of Pat Houston’s unfolding vision.
As the Summit has evolved over the years, the intent is to move beyond an annual event to specific programs designed to  Repair, Rebuild, and Restore the lives of teens and Young Adults facing life challenges. In 2012, we move forward as the next phase of Teen Summit unfolds…