Phase 1


Capturing the Vision by Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario

Designed specifically for adolescent girls, Capturing the Vision lays the foundation for a successful future by developing the necessary character traits and life skills, including goal-setting, responsibility, integrity and citizenship. The program also builds self-esteem and teaches young ladies how to deal with obstacles, as well as strategies to combat peer pressure, deal with conflict, and create and maintain healthy relationships. Full of interactive, true-to-life scenarios, this comprehensive program will get students on the path to making their dreams a reality.

Ch. 1: Positively You

Like a key, your identity unlocks the future. In this chapter, students learn how to develop positive identity formation while completing activities to get on the road to self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Ch. 2: First Impressions

Students examine their self-image and learn strategies to accentuate their positive attributes.

Ch. 3: Knowing What I Believe

Students complete exercises to help identify and instill morals and values, which are then put to the test in hypothetical situations.

Ch. 4: Working Things Out

Students learn the four steps to conflict resolution and master proactive strategies to deal with disagreements.

Ch. 5: Harnessing Your Dreams

Students take a career Aptitude Test to help them identify career tracks that may be right for them.

Ch. 6: Getting the Job Done

Students receive practical instruction to being searching for employment, filling out a job application, creating a resume and completing an interview.


Making It Work by Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario

Escalating divorce rates are an indication that many people are not making the right choices when it comes to choosing a spouse, nor are they prepared to stand by their commitments. Marriage is about much more than love and goose bumps; it is about a life-long commitment to your partner. Making It Work teaches teens that choosing a mate is among the most important decisions they will make in their lives.  Learning how to be a good partner begins with learning the principles of healthy relationships. In this interactive workbook, students master strategies to find a compatible partner and learn how to establish the protocols that will govern their interaction.

Chapter 1: Who Am I

The foundation of a relationship is knowledge of self. This chapter teaches students to fall in love with who they are on the inside and outside.

Chapter 2: Knowing What I Believe

This chapter teaches students that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Students define the morals and values that will govern their lives.

Chapter 3: You’re Worth the Wait

Featuring a candid discussion of the consequences of sex outside marriage, this chapter provides students with practical strategies to deal with barriers to abstinence.e

Chapter 4: Choosing a Mate

This chapter emphasizes the importance of compatibility when choosing a mate and helps students define their non-negotiables when it comes to the areas that are foundational to a healthy relationship.

Chapter 5: Relationship Guidelines

This chapter introduces the Marital Constitution, a concrete statement of facts and expectations that will govern the marriage. Students also learn about domestic violence and abuse.

Chapter 6: Healthy Marriages

Students learn techniques to deal with conflict in a marriage. This chapter also discusses the various emotional standoffs that are barriers to maintaining a healthy marriage.